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Ultra-Short Silicon Nitride Cantilevers

Ultra-Short Silicon Nitride Cantilevers are available on demand as NANOSENSORS™ Special Development item.

Ultra-Short Silicon Nitride Cantilevers for High-Speed AFM (HS-AFM) combine very small cantilevers made of silicon nitride which are designed for resonating at frequencies of up to 6 MHz and a very sharp and wear resistant High Density Carbon/Diamond Like Carbon (HDC/DLC) tip.

• especially designed for high speed scanning applications
• cannot be used in all commercial SPMs and AFMs due to the small  dimensions of the cantilevers
• cantilever and tip are supported by a single crystal silicon support chip
• no intrinsic stress and absolutely straight cantilevers


• rectangular cantilever with rounded corners at the freestanding end     
• cantilever made of silicon nitride

Support Chip

• dimensions of the support chip are very reproducible (3.4 mm x 1.6 mm  x 0.3 mm)
• etched and lowered corners of the support chip avoid contact between the  support chip and the sample

nanotools® High Density Carbon/Diamond Like Carbon (HDC/DLC) tip
• tip height typically 2.5 μm and radius of curvature typically < 10 nm
• tip aspect ratio typically 5:1 and tilt compensation of 8°

Gold Reflex Coating

• 30/70 nm thick gold reflex coating on the detector side of the cantilever
• enhances reflectance of the laser beam

Different types of Ultra-Short Silicon Nitride Cantilevers have been fabricated:

Resonance Frequency
6.0 MHz 3.0 MHz 1.2 MHz
Force Constant 45 N/m 0.9 N/m 0.4 N/m
Cantilever length 9.5 µm 4.2 µm 6.8 µm
Cantilever width 4.5 µm 2.3 µm 4.5 µm
Cantilever thickness
0.50 µm 0.06 µm 0.06 µm

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USC-SiN cantilever
USC-SiN Support Chip
3D View
USC-SiN Cantilever
3D View
USC-SiN Cantilever
3D View
100nm thick USC-SiN with tip
USC-SiN Cantilever (thin)
Side View
500nm thick USC-SiN with tip
USC-SiN Cantilever (thick)
Side View